Science and Technology


Science speaks to innovation and progress. Technology shapes the world of tomorrow. Researchers relying on public funding have a duty to communicate major breakthroughs and new findings to the scientific community and the broader public. Sharing new developments in science and technology on film is close to our heart and an area in which we excel.

Mageia has been partnering with science innovators for over 25 years. We have worked with many frontline establishments in Finnish science, ranging from universities and academies to research laboratories and institutes, including many international research groups.

Our aim is to make even the most complicated scientific topic interesting and comprehesive to the general public. 


In late 2015 Mageia produced an official video about the work of BONUS –the joint Baltic Sea research programme. Please click here to experience the tremendous efforts of the scientific community for saving our fragile sea. 

Mageias latest videos for the Academy of Finland include a series of portraits of Academy professors and a video about the Academy programme about personalized healthcare pHealth.

A similar seriers about FiDiPro - the joint professorship programme of TEKES and The Academy of Finland can be seen here.

The protein kinase could be a key factor in cancer research. An EU-financed research consortium involving 22 countries hired us to tell the story. Please click here to watch the video.