Public Broadcasting


Mageia’s roots lie in journalism. Justice, truth, fairness and balance are the fundamental values underlying Mageia's numerous documentaries and factual programs produced for public television over the years. This medium also provides a channel to develop narrative and conceptual skills and to keep abreast of contemporary approaches to documentaries and story telling.

A very recent example, broadcasted on YLE, is a the story about friendship for life. The gentlemen of Salve can be seen here.

Mageia has told the story of some of the many Estonians who have migrated

to Finland in search of gainful employment. Please click here to watch the video.

Mageia took to the seas to document how the deterioration of the Baltic Sea is threatening marine life. The documentary represented YLE at the European Science Film Festival in 2006. Please click here to watch the documentary (in Finnish).

Mageia is a partner in Finland and the Baltics to Euronews’ Learning World - a programme focusing on global education. Please click here to watch the video.