Public Broadcasting


Over almost three decades, we at Mageia have produced numerous documentaries and factual programs, mainly broadcasted by Yle in Finland and SVT in Sweden. 

We are currently working on a documentary about a forgotten wave of refugees, some seven thousand in all, who escaped from Estonia to Finland during the war. This project is a Finnish-Estonian co-production and will be released in 2024.

In 2022, our 90-minutes documentary about a tragedy at sea, that took place in 1968, was broadcasted by Yle. Claiming 11 victims, It was the biggest maritime disaster in Finland over many decades. The film Irma is an exciting story about seeking the truth both in archives and on the sea bed, a story where 50 years old secrets are revealed.

Another 30 minutes documentary Utrikes till Borgå, about a the people who run the 110-years old passanger ship J.L. Runeberg, was broadcasted in 2022.

Some years ago, Yle broadcasted the our documentary about the amazing wartime love story of Herbert and Alice. In this true story from 1946, a Finnish man builds a small boat to take him through the Iron curtain to Estonia to Estonia to look for a woman he had met only once. The film was also very popular in Sweden where it was broadcasted by SVT.

Over the years, we have also participated in different documentary projects. An example is the exciting story of a Finnish wreck seeker, operating both in Finland and South America.